Ready To FINALLY Get Clear And Confident On The Financial Health Of Your Business?

Aloha, I’m Anela Wong, Owner Of Banzai Bookkeeping.

At Banzai Bookkeeping, we help to break down the confusing numbers into understandable figures so that business owners (like you) can make their next executive decision with confidence.  Our mission is to reduce your time and effort required to figure out your books so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

A little bit about me – Born in Japan and raised in Hawaii, I always loved everything related to numbers, accuracy, and organization.  (Fun fact: I even took Japanese abacus classes from the 1st grade up until my Senior year of high school.)  In my personal time, I enjoy keeping track of my own numbers through using my custom built expense log inside of google sheets. This interest is what ultimately led me to work in corporate accounting, which allowed me to gain the knowledge and experience needed to enter the field of bookkeeping. Interested in furthering my education, I pursued and received certification in both Bookkeeper Launch and Quickbooks Online.

Beyond bookkeeping, I enjoy spending time with friends and family exploring the outdoors, connecting over a good cup of coffee, or traveling the world to immerse myself in new cultures and destinations.

We Can Serve Clients anywhere in the United States

anela@banzaibookkeeping.com | (415) 340-2961